Green hotel  

What we do to be more…

  • Lights: we have adopted low energy lights everywhere possible.
  • Water warms up by gas only when it is used.
  • Cleaning products: we use environmentally friendly products for cleaning and washing the linen.
  • Printing:  our business cards are printed in the form of a bookmark and this is the only business literature we print in hard copy.
  • Recycled products: we use only recycled bags for rubbish bins.
  • Recycling bins: we sort for recycling, plastics, tins, paper, glass and tetra bags. We have special bin for composting garden and kitchen greens.
  • Sheets and towels pre-use program: we change sheets and towels, when customers ask for it and when we have new customers.
  • Old linen recycling: we offer old linen to other people who need them or we recycle them.
  • Local products: we buy produce from small farmers of the area, when possible.
  • Eco-garden: we don’t use chemicals in our garden. We provide for our customers, seasonal fruits and herbs.
  • Social environment:  Our lodge is located in a small village. We try to keep alive a community, which, will die if no action is taken soon.
  • Architectural environment: We restored one of the oldest houses of the village, which was abandoned for thirty years.

What we expect from you to support our efforts to be more ….green

  • Switch off lights when you don’t need them.
  • Sort out rubbish in the prober bins.
  • Keep windows closed, when heating or air-condition is on.
  • Keep the natural trails clean, when you walk there.
  • Silence is the advantage of our village, please respect it and don’t make noise.
  • Visit the traditional coffee shops of the village and drink a local coffee with the villagers.
  • Buy your provisions from our village shop and other village shops in the area.
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