Walking holidays
E4 natural trail is the European path that starts from Spain, passes through south Europe and ends in Cyprus. From Treis Elies someone can walk a big part of that trail passing through valleys and mountains. Outside of the village starts the Venetian Bridges trail. In the Troodos area there are some more natural trails some of them circular, which pass through the forest and offer very nice views. There is a big choice of level of difficulty and duration.
Cycling holidays 
For those who enjoy mountain cycling, Troodos is the right place. There are special cycling routes connecting Troodos Square with other interesting places at Troodos. You can enjoy the aroma of the forest, the chirping of birds and a fantastic view. We may offer you help in making your own plan.
Cultural Sight-Seeing holidays 
The Troodos Mountain area is where Byzantine churches (under the protection of UNESCO as heritage) are located. From Treis Elies one can have different culture routes visiting all these churches and monasteries, which inside have the most interesting fresco paintings and icons. Troodos is the ideal place for all those who admire Byzantine Art and Architecture. 
From Treis Elies one can enjoy the route of the Venetian Bridges, 'Treis Elies', 'Mylos', 'Elias', 'Gelefos', and 'Roudias'. This route, which connected Pafos and Lefkosia, can be followed by car, cycle or on foot.

Cyprus cooking lessons 
All year round residents of the house may ask for a cookery demonstration of traditional Cyprus dishes. During June - July we prepare cherry sweets, which only we in Cyprus know how to do. During September, October and November one may have the experience of preparing traditional products of grapes, as souchouko, raisins, wine, zivania and epsima. During winter time we may guide you to find wild herbs and prepare your own food.
We offer cooking lessons to our resident guest free of charge for the dinner they consume. For non resident guests, please contact us to arrange lessons and price. Maximum number of participants between 4-8 people.

Wine routes 
From here one can visit the small wineries of Lemesos and Pafos area, for wine tasting. We provide information and maps. 


We provide:

  • Free information, booklets and maps for all the activities.
  • Transportation from airport to Treis Elies and from Treis Elies to airport.
  • Transportation to starting points and end points of natural trails.
  • Rental bicycles and car to fetch you back from the last station of your route.
  • Meals, which can be ordered from the previous day (see our menu).

    Please, contact us for prices of the services we provide.

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